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Star Democrat Wednesday February 24, 2010 By Chris Knauss, Business Editor Finally! Coat and handbag hangers in portable potties. Outdoor festival, event and celebration planners can now offer female-friendly relief for women who need to go. The PortaJane, locally distributed by Pierson Comfort Group in Federalsburg, features embossed Breast Cancer awareness ribbon logos and $20 from each rental helps fund local Breast Cancer research. The potties are being plugges as the first portable restroom designed specifically "For Women Only". Unique and easily recognizable, the curvaceous design comes in pink with white trim. The units include a hands-free recirculating flush toilet, a mounted mirror, the aforementioned coat and handbag hangers (floor no more), a manicure friendly door handle, a door-mounted hover bar (because everybody knows women don't sit), vanity shelves, and soap and towel dispensers. What they don't include is a urinal. PortaJane inventor Chris Christian of Telluride, Colo., said the reason he developed the potty was to stop the sharing of bathrooms in public. "We don't share them anywhere else," said Christian. "We don't share them in offices, restaurants. It's time to stop the madness of men and women using bathrooms together at outdoor events."
Christian said a couple of other reasons, besides Breast Cancer awareness, also motivated him to make them pink. "PortaJanes are recognizable from a very far distance, so you can spot out the PortaJane and you're going to know where it is. And it's to keep guys from using it. That's the reason for the pink." Christian also promotes PortaJane's lack of smell. "What I really like about the PortaJane is that it does not smell," he said. "We use an earth-friendly sanitation solution called Planet Breeze. It's environmentally safe and it's different from other restrooms in that it is not a formaldehyde chemical base. PortaJanes smell like air and they always will." The pink potties are manufactured in Twin Lakes, Wis., and are made out of recyclable materials. "We are promoting them verbally in-house sales and referring people to our web site because we do have them listed on our Web site. They are really doing extremely well.” The need is there: "Because John Can't Aim!" says the website ( 
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